From past Torrs: A Beginner’s Guide to Holmes and Watson

Sherlock Holmes’s family were country squires from the Reigate district; it is strange, therefore, that his early education was at an elementary school.  However, from there he was sent to the exclusive Priory School, which had only three students.  Although a somewhat solitary man, he took part in a number of social activities, such as cycling and dancing, and he rode with the Baskerville Hounds.  As a keen violinist he was a member of his college’s Speckled Band, but had to leave this when he broke his last bow.  He was proficient at languages and chemistry, gaining a First in Greek and a Second in Stains. …[1]

[1]           This article was originally published in The Torr, No. 4, pp. 30–32 (1994), and Eric recently suggested that so much water had flowed under Thor Bridge in the past 20 years, that a reprint may interest those members who have since joined; I couldn’t agree more.  [Ed.]


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