The Camelot Series

The Poor Folk Upon the Moors, The Sherlock Holmes Society of the West Country, after an inaugural meeting on 22nd October 1990, held its first formal meeting on 22nd February 1992 and came into being by the desire of Shirley Purves, Dawn Healy and Vosper Arthur, to have a scion society of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London in the West Country, where they all resided.

The Torr is the Society’s biannual journal for, about, and hopefully largely by, its members.  Naturally, as its editor, I also contribute in part, but the physical limitations set by cost and packaging do not allow for much expansion.  Also, the articles therein are, as is fitting, largely Holmesian in content, although the spirit of Sir Arthur does occasionally waft by.

Consequently, my thoughts have recently turned to publishing a series in the Society’s name of around the same length as The Torr – and therefore printed at a similar cost – which has, as its core idea, contents with a link, sometimes perhaps tenuous, to Conan Doyle, his life and times or his alter egos, Holmes and Watson (if indeed they were, at least in part and both contrary and complementary).  Apart from my own research,
I shall try to encourage other authors to contribute (for example, to provide a forum for students’ theses of which there are, perhaps surprisingly, more than a few).

I hope that you enjoy what follows and will encourage you to enquire about The Poor Folk Upon the Moors, The Sherlock Holmes Society of the West Country.

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