No. 44 (Spring 2014)



  1. From the Editor
  2. The Competition
  3. Musings from the President
  4. Sherlock Holmes and the Phoenicians by Rebecca Key
  5. The Chairman’s contemplations
  6. Watson’s Ford Model T by Tony Derlien
  7. William Lobb: plant hunter by Stephan Arthur
  8. Dr Watson’s Lighthouse Reflections by Leslie Katz
  9. Chaplin’s first stage role (almost) by Stephan Arthur
  10. The Adventure of the Two Collaborators by James Matthew Barrie
  11. Etaoin shrdlu
  12. T(B)attered and torn, but not beaten
  13. A “Napoleon of horticulture”? by Ernst-Harald Mock
  14. An Alpine Pass on “ski” by A. Conan Doyle
  15. From past Torrs: A Beginner’s Guide to Holmes and Watson by Eric Monahan
  16. Miss Josephine Clutchpenny’s Letterbox
  17. What’s up, Sherlock?
  18. Parish Notices
  19. The Society’s Objectives
  20. Committee

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